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is a page at facebook. It was introduced in  August 25, 2011 by Shah Rukh.

I have this idea becoz I love to have friends and chitchat of frnds , no metter who are you, a girl or boy. I does not believe that girls and boys never b best friends. They can b best frnds if they become Lover its not a problem coz you can’t stop Love It happens automatically. Those persons are so much lucky who have Love in their life.

Shah Rukh (S R)

So I keep these things in mind to make this page. At the time of introduction of launching the name or the page was “Friend’s Guru” , & Zeeshan Haider my Partner & also the one and  only promoter is the first person to like it. He ask me for the adminship. I make him the admin when there was only 4,5 members like my page. After that he suggests me that the name should be changed or something different, so suddenly the name come in my mind was the name Friendship is Blessings. So I told him it’s the best name please change so from that time the name is changed.

Zeeshan Haider (Zee)

When I made zee admin of our page I define some rules that there must be no admin of the page accept you and me, no girl or guy or any other frnd of us will not be the part of our adminship so from that time we have no admin of our page , many peoples asked us for adminship we say to them no chances please don’t ask.  .

The website idea is given by my friend. So we made the idea into reality.

Myself is Shah Rukh and the my Partner is Zeeshan Haider. I am a software Engineer and Zeeshan Haider is will be a software Engineer in next 2 years InshaAllah coz he is studying these days. We are Pakistani’s and live in Multan(Punjab).

Hope You enjoy the Visit here and know something about the page and admins of the page .

Please leave your views below. Thanks

Shah Rukh  &  Zeeshan Haider

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