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Heart cries, so do my eyes..
It really hurts when you miss your life.

Life was wonderful then..
NO LOVE….Only friends in then.

Things were so straight and so fine..
No commitments were in line.

We enjoyed our company and friendship began..
We teased each other with others in clan.

Projects, Studies, Parties were in talks..
“Boss, whose love story is on the rocks?”

Beautiful was the time…Enjoyed a lot..
Then came an end to tear us apart.

Final exams were over…Time was to say Good-Bye..
Wished that time had never passed-by.

Some showed courage to propose their Dream Girls..
Some were still shy to take a step forward.

Some Love Stories came to an end..
While some started afresh to continue till the end.

Pictures were taken for memories forever..
Friends made promises to stay in touch and loose never.

Evening it was…all were to depart..
Nearby one’s said ‘Let’s party hard’.

I was standing aloof of them all…Thinking..
Is it the end or a new start for all?

Time passed by…All were scattered..
Only closed one’s in contact…Other’s din’t matter.

MBA or Job was on their mind..
Weekend Masti was still on time.

Years have passed and all have been settled..
Now we talk but on Facebook and whatsApp.

Job/Business is eating most of our time..
Rest of it is family time.

Every time we decide and fix up a date..
Which gets postponed…and we have to wait.

Then will come a time another..
We’ll have partners and kids all together.

Meeting then will be a tougher task..
A minute the call will also not last.

My Life was fun…I had tensions none..
Friends were on cards…That was done

Time has changed and it will change further..
We all will be in the memories of one another.

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