Come live in my heart and pay no rent : Samuel Lover Quotes

Come live in my heart, and pay no rent“.

Who said: “Samuel Lover“.

The offer of “come live in my heart, and pay no rent” seems very charming, but usually contrary to the character of affection. Which is predicated upon a reciprocal relationship. Being a renter in someone’s heart has obligations that can not ignore. We know that the brain, instead of the guts, underlies mental phenomena. However, in everyday usages, the guts remain seemed to underlie emotional phenomena generally and love especially. The above quotation illustrates this perception. Samuel Lover‘s words, “Come live in my heart and, pay no rent“, take the guts comparison further and formulate it in real-estimate terms. What does it mean to permit a renter to measure rent-free in your heart?

It might mean that “your love on behalf of me would not cost you anything”, it’s a love without obligations. Does such love exist?


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There is a saying: “That which costs nothing is worth nothing“. If there are not any free lunches, can there be free love? Love may be a profound attitude, and it seems that somebody should buy it. If the beloved does not pay his share, who does? Also, a profound love starts with the intention to not charge any rent. Except maybe for an emotional one ( which might not be high if you assume that “He will learn to like me”. ). So, once you are deeply crazy, you are feeling that you simply would do anything for the one that you love without asking anything reciprocally. But actually, we do need something in return.

So, in particular, we would like our profound like to be reciprocated. To sustain a long-lasting, loving relationship, the blessing of friendship. We would like reciprocal interactions of giving and receiving love, caring, respect, and sex, for instance. One can understand the proposal to measure rent-free in someone’s heart as a sort of seductive offer supported the subsequent rationale. “Although, I do incur expenses for letting you reside in my heart. I enjoy your company such a lot that I can cover the complete cost of your stay. The pleasure of being with you is more valuable to me than the return that I might get from rent“.

Final Words

Although this reasoning seems romantic, it runs against the foundation of deep love. On whether it is appropriate to simply accept such a suggestion, this relies on whether the beloved can afford to pay the rent. So, if he can, he should gladly do so. Love involves the wish to offer and sacrifice, not the wish to merely receive and benefit. Love does not involve the look for an honest, cheap deal. Not paying rent for the utilization of someone’s heart is sort of a deal during which you buy one ( the one during which you are doing invest and give ), and obtain another one free. Such a deal is contrary to great love. During which you are happy to pay a good higher rent than is requested. So, please come live in my heart, and pay no rent.

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