Don’t stop when you’re tired Stop when you’re done

Who said: “Marilyn Monroe“. Don’t stop. Tiredness is an ordinary thing. Whenever you will perform tough to complete something, you are bound to get tired. But, that tiredness should not be the cause to stop you. If you are lifeless due to fatigue, you can never reach the preferred destination. So, leaving is never a choice. No matter how fatigued you are, you should take in with your work or destination. Well, what we can do is to relax a period when we are tired. If you rest, you will recover power. And, after that, you can similarly take on your destination.

Don’t stop when you’re tired. Stop when you’re done.

You have to understand that leave is also necessary. But you don’t stop when you are tired. You should stop when you are done. If you are not taking a rest, your energy will vanish out soon. And, as a result of that, you can never achieve your dream. So, take a rest when it is necessary, but don’t stop. And, after that, begin doing your job. You also have to assure that you are delivering the necessary effort to achieve your goal. Therefore, take a leave instead of quitting. And, you will definitely gain your dream.


To understand the quote “Don’t stop when you are tired, stop when you are done.” we see an example here is:

“My body harms. It harms walking. It spoils to breathe. But it is wonderful. I entered a gym. It is also a Boot Camp, a place where females go to move their limitations. There is a quote on the wall of the gym that says, “Don’t stop when you are tired. Stop when you are done.” I have nailed that quotation is my new slogan of life. We are all pushing on, at our own speed. And, sometimes it is exhausting. Parenthood, being a wife, handling a business, growing a profession, keeping maturity. None of it is comfortable and at one moment or another, it makes us all yawn. There has not been a point, as an adult, where I was not fatigued by some factor of commitment. Life is not fair when the blessing of friendship does not exist.

Take Grocery shopping, for example. Until InstaCart hung in, like a knight in glowing armor, I was moved to drive to the mart. Head turned down, then consume a precious hour choosing things that would be eaten by my group of kids almost before I could offload it from the car. Then, I would stand in a queue so tiresome. I would want to explore my brain out of my head with a utensil. Then, because my wallet likes affordable groceries, I would get to carry my carriage full of paid groceries and bag it. Hoping that the number of packs I bought is sufficient to hold it all.

Don’t stop when you’re tired Stop when you’re done

Once it is bagged

And, the boredom of the procedure had nearly sent me over the border, I would get to pack it into my little car. I would force it home, even dreading the poorest part of the procedure. Parked in the driveway, I would just sit for a rare silent moment. As I would unlock the front gate, bags hung up from my dull, unhappy arms like weights suggested to pull me down.

The jewel of my survival fast vanishes into cries of “what did you get me?”. “Food, so you can continue to live.” My sarcasm is only clear to me and their dissatisfaction that I’m not taking frankincense, gold. After that, I would off-load each thing into its assigned area in our kitchen. A bundle of items extends on the island, waiting for the final leg of the trip to its destination, the basement deep freezer. Sometimes my husband unpacks and arranges away these groceries and sometimes when I’m feeling great, I help.

No Paycheck

Unlike any other career, there is no paycheck. No worker of the month. You do the job because the kids will eat you alive if you don’t. The job is unrelenting and grows larger as you complete it. If you are a parent of a kid or children with extraordinary needs. Your list is actually greater, a load even more difficult to maintain. Here is the thing, you can’t stop when you are tired. You can only stop when you are done. Just like when I’m at the 20-minute mark of an hour-long workout, tired and wanting to stop.

I have to focus on the end goal, the finish line. It’s coming quicker than we feel like it is, and when it reaches, we can relax and heal. Until then, we will be tired sore, and dried from the intensity of the work. But just like a workout at a gym, I am surrounded by other brave women, doing hard work. All I have to do is lift my head, and I can see them everywhere.

Pushing their limits

They are pushing their limits, trudging through another group of sprints, growing good humans who will transform the earth. I can do it because I can see them doing it. I know I’m not alone. Some of them make it look effortless, but I know that they have days of plain and exhaustion too. One day, I will be the one who looks effortless. And, when I look up from the weight, I will be sure to give a shout-out to who is slogging. Because we are in this together.

We are a sisterhood related together by the sweat and slashes of this life-long boot center. It is only by motivating one another that we will strike the finish-line jointly. At the end of every training at the gymnasium, our incredible trainer takes a picture of our sweaty, yawning ours. It helps to grab this special moment in our journey. We take a moment to praise the job we just did. We are still battling the war, but this singular battle is defeated, so we celebrate.

Final Words

My final words are here. Parents, take some time, even just a moment, to celebrate the battle won. Take a moment, to gather together with your buddies. Take a picture and honor the work you have completed. In the end, again advise that Don’t stop when you are tired, stop when you are done. Hope you understand easily from the example I mentioned.

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