I paused, and stare, over your guise,
to feel the current of desire start to rise
I want to love you with every piece of this body:
I want your lusty love in this cosy night
I need to take you in my arms
let me hold you oh so close and tight
our sighs rising high into the heavens
rocking wrapped up in sweet delight.
I want to pin you to the bed
I want to drive you wild
I want to dive deep inside
and ride you all through till the end of our times.
I dream of you and the hunger grows
the times we wrestled body to body
filled until we cried “no more”
your wild wolf on fire
I feel you squeeze me oh so tight
ride me hard till first light
take me deep and make it flow
kiss me hard, and part my hungry lips with your tongue
take me deep into your loving heart down into your soul
for we are both prisoners of wild desire
a lover’s pact made between me and you. ♥