I still love him but I’m not in love with him
I still feel the feeling i once did when i look at him
My strong feelings may be gone , but a part of it is still there
I pretend you are nothing to me, but somehow i still care
Love never dies, it only gets stronger with time
but that was a lie in out rhyme
You made promises you didn’t keep
You let me slowly sink in
But when it all went to waste
You didn’t know what was your mistake
Me for loving you and you for not loving me
But before that day you told me you did
I believed every ounce of it
Then all I had left was regret
I swore on everything that i wouldn’t fall again
And until this day i now call you friend
I forgiven but i never forgot
Even with all that i still wished on luck
Because my love didn’t die, but the love for “us” did
And now I’m sitting back wondering how it would’ve been
For you and me to be more than a dream…