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Life is Not Fair, Get used to it

Life is not Fair

“Life is not fair, Get Used to It”.

Who said it:

 Bill Gates

“Life is unfair, use to it”, are the words of a very successful man name is Bill Gates. This information is available to everyone. Life is not fair and can not be honest. This is something I believe in 100%. I believe that not everything that happens. When I was in ninth grade, I broke my football arm. I broke it in the first game of this game. Two weeks and a race six weeks after the heat. Two weeks after the game, when I find out I was broken. Also, I was angry when I find out I have to finish the last race of my last year of higher school. But I was angry when I find out I would not throw any further until after baseball and if I did I would in the top 5 of 9 games in 9 seasons.


life is not fair

We must first understand what is and what is not a matter of understanding. The justice of life is not based on a rulebook by which experiences can measure. What you mean by “just” you define based on your values, without the need to adapt to other people’s value systems. Growing up we learn to play the rules and that was what make the game perfect. But who wrote these rules? Who decides they have a degree of “justice”? The reason for the rules in the games is that they can play without having to constantly draw the whole game and have fun. Also, maybe, you can play a game where players remember different versions of the rules and discuss with them about the game? Yeah, it is not funny. Again, life is not fair, use it.

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