The Obstacle is the path : Zen Proverb

“The Obstacle is the path”.

Often we scare because of some unfavorable hurdle or obstacle in our way. But a change in mindset from a Zen Proverb can improve everything you want to improve.

Who said: “Marcus Aurelius“.


The obstacle is not something being in our way. It is the way itself. That might seem strange, so let’s look at a few examples:

Struggling with work and Hesitate:

The first one is. You are struggling with work and hesitate. Hesitation is the mark, but it also explains the way you should use it. So, you are dreading something about the work, you are running away from trouble. You are worried about the work or what will result when you publish the post. So, work with that fear, the trouble, and the doubt. You will be more powerful for having achieved that. So, can you do this without the blessing of friendship?

You are shy and can’t meet people:

This can see as an obstacle to human pleasure, or as a way for something to move with. Many people will bypass this barrier of nervousness. And, instead, remain at home and not socialize. Instead, go towards this shyness, investigate it, find out what you are scared of, operate with that doubt. You will get better at managing the worry, even let yourself operate on it. It will be no large stand in your way.

obstacle is path

You are under stress:

You are under stress and confuse at your job, you can cry on this obstacle ( and it will then remain for the balance of your life ). Or you can absorb yourself in it, let it drive you to individual research. And, deal with the origin of that tension and confusion. You will learn that you have unreliable expectations and models, learn to let leave them, and the stress will go off. You will now have a mechanism for dealing with anxiety for the balance of your life.

People criticize you:

People criticize you for making something oppositely and don’t realize what you are making. You can get angry at them, anger against the unfairness of the world, or leave them. Or, instead, you could include this matter, appreciate them for worrying about you. And, involve them in a discussion about what you are working in, why you selected to do it, and how you could manage their assistance.

You are jealous:

You are jealous, angry, hesitant, anxious, and regretful, you can resolve any of these problems. So, if you are ready to operate into them. And, be OK with feeling these troubles.

The most exciting example to explain this quote:

There was a very rich and unique king. This king had a huge rock fixed in the center of a road. And, he hid nearby to see if anyone would try to eliminate the enormous stone from the road. The first people to cross by were some of the king’s richest businesspeople and servants. Rather than removing it, they only walked nearby it. A few fully criticized the King for not managing the roads. Not one of them attempted to push the rock. Finally, a farmer happened to pass through that way. His arms were assigned with herbs. When he got near the stone, rather than just walking about it as the others had. The farmer put down his bundle of herbs and attempted to remove the rock to the front of the road.

It took a lot of force but he finally displaced the stone. And, the farmer picked up his bundle of herbs. And, was willing to move on his way. Then he saw a wallet resting on the road where the rock had been. The farmer unlocked the wallet. The wallet was fully stuffed with gold coins and a letter from the King. The King’s letter said the wallet’s gold was a reward for removing the stone from the road. The King revealed the farmer what many of us nevermore know. Every obstacle offers a chance to change our situation. So, what’s more, you will no higher be restricted by obstacles in your path.

Final Words or Conclusion

The examples can go on always, but the policy becomes clear. When there is an obstacle, don’t run from that way. Go from that way. Go manage with it. Determine how to be with it and administer with it. And, you will have a skill for life. So, in the end, “The Obstacle is the path“.

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