Questions about LOVE :

Questions about LOVE :

Answer these questions then try to tag the person you love here and compare your answers with him/her.

1) If your boyfriend or girlfriend was a LOVE SONG, what title will you give him or her?

2) Do you think that getting hurt by a special person is ok?

3) What would you do to keep the love of your life?

4) Can you love a woman/man who keeps ignoring you, although Love is EXISTED between you both?

Lets find out THE TRUE LOVE, Sometimes you’d like to know if a relationship with someone could work out


Girl: Do you really love me?

Girl: Do you really
love me?

Boy: Of course I do.

Girl: I wanna hear you
say it.

Boy: I don’t have to.

Girl: Why not?…

Boy: Because…

Girl: I just want to hear
you say it in words.

Boy: I can’t…
The girl started to cry
softly and said:Then
you don’t love me…

The two continued to
walk in silence.

They reached the girls

Girl: Why?

Boy: Do you really want
to know?

Girl: (hesitantly) Yes.
He hugged her gently,
kissed the tip of her
nose and whispered in
her ear,

“Because three
words are not
enough… :):)”

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I want to be in a relationship where Quote

I want to be in a relationship where… She can wear my large t -shirt at night We can both sleep together in one bed We can be like kids making silly faces and doing baby talks…

I can shout at her when I’m mad, then she’ll hug me tight so I’ll shut up She’ll pull me close to her so I won’t have the chance to let go… We’ll watch horror movies together I’ll kiss her secretly then she’ll smile We’ll fight, but not that much We’ll break up but get back together few days after She’ll make me the luckiest boy in the world I’m the only Boy she loves


Why Do Guys Come Back When You Ignore Them?

I’m trying to answer a question that has been sending to my e-mail address too many times from different people, it says: “Why Do Guys Come Back When You Ignore Them?

” Why Do MEN Come Back When You Ignore Them?”
actually my answer probably would apply to both (Men and Women) as well. I’ve been told that ( Ignorance is a BLISS) and I guess in this topic it is definitely a BLISS even it hurts a bit when we are talkin about (TRUE LOVE) between two young people.

let read the question again Why do MEN come back when you ignore them?hmmm It makes no sense, does it? After a break up or lets say after a small fighting or quarrel with your partner you think to yourself that I need to teach him/her a lesson I wanna ignore him/her for a while to see if he/she will value me much more than he/she used to before!
The fact of the matter is that ignoring a man/girl after a quarrel will drive him wild with desire for you again.

Whenever a woman is asking the question of why do guys come back when you stop paying attention to them, they’re really viewing it from a female perspective. We believe that in order to win him back we have to be constantly in contact with him. Sending him gifts or love letters/ sms or e-mails seems appropriate. The problem is that those things may work if the situation were reversed. If your guy was trying to win back your love, being romantic is the way to go. However, in men, none of those things push the right psychological buttons to make him want you back. Only one thing does and that is IGNORING him.

A man’s ego plays a very important role in getting him back after the relationship has ended. You have to learn how to play with that ego in such a way that he finds you irresistible again.

The moment you start ignoring a man you change the dynamic of your relationship with him. The emotional control that he had over you is gone. You now have that control all to yourself. By stopping all contact you are showing him that you’re not his anymore. You have your own life and you’re ready, willing and excited to start living it.

No man wants to wander through the remnants of his broken relationship with a shattered ego. He wants to feel his ex needs him and wants him back. If she disappears into thin air and he senses she’s moved on, he’ll be stung by the bitterness of rejection. He’ll do anything to get rid of that feeling and fortunately for you there’s really only one cure. He’ll need you back if you ignore him. That’s the reason why so many women will tell you it’s the best way to get a man back..

Hope my long answer will help you to understand your partner. Good luck to everyone who is in LOVE and won’t his love to be ENDED  Keep Loving as much as your heart can bear, and Enjoy your Life…


Misunderstandings …

Misunderstandings :

Must read this conversation
Girl: Do i ever cross ur mind?
Boy: No
Girl: Do you like me?
Boy: Not really..
Girl: Do you want me?
Boy: No
Girl: Would you cry if I left?
Boy: No
Girl: Would you live for me?
Boy: No
Girl: Would you do anything for me?
Boy: No
Girl: Choose me or ur life..
Boy: my life,
“The girl runs away in shock and pain and the boy runs after her
and says…
(The reason you never cross my mind is because you’re always on my mind.
The reason why I don’t like you is because I love you.
The reason I don’t want you is because I need you.
The reason I wouldn’t cry if you left is because I would die if you left.
The reason I wouldn’t live for you is because I would die for you.
The reason why I’m not willing to do anything for you is because I would do everything for you…)
“The reason I chose my life is because you ARE my life…”
Just Like This Status If You Loved This Conversation…


Love Is When You See Her Smiling ..

Love Is When You Want Her
To Sleep With Her Head On Your Chest

Love Is When You See Her Smiling ..
You Want To Kiss Her

Love Is When You Pray For Her ..
Tears Roll Down Your Cheeks ..

Love Is When You’re Tired ..
You Want Her To Make You Sleep In Her Arms ..

Love Is When She Fall Asleep ..
You Watch Her And Kiss Her Eyes ..

Love Is When You Wake Up In The Morning ..
And You Want Her Around ..

Love Is when you just want to say….,
“Baby…, I am Addicted To Your LOVE…..!! |

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No One Understands the Silence between my Words………; (

No One Understands the Silence between my Words………; (
No One Understands the Sadness behind my Smile……;(
No One Understands the Unsaid Feelings of mine……..;(
They Think I am fine
But Only I know
daily I am dying………; (
I Wan to be happy again…
I want to live those moments again…
I am Sick of Wearing Fake Smile…
I am Waiting For You make me Smile Again………! !!! ;(


When the stars come out twinkling, I’ll be thinking of you

When the stars come out twinkling, I’ll be thinking of you
When the sun sweeps the sky clean, yes I’ll be thinking of you
When the wind caresses my skin, you will be the one on my mind
When the rain drop touches my face, yes you will be the one on my mind
You came in my life and showed me a new me…
You made me see the things that I could never see
You are constantly present in my every thought
Your eyes were a trap for me, honey I am caught
I wake up lonely each day, unwilling to break my dream
Unwilling to stop myself from thinking about the days that have been
Trying to hold on to the moments I’ve spent in your arms
Trying to relive those moments when I was spellbound by your charms
You are so far away from me that I just can’t reach you
But why is it that still you are present in everything I do…
My each day surrounds you and so does every night
When I think of you everything just seems so right
So tell me baby, just tell me this time
Do you think about me, do i ever cross your mind
Won’t you come and hold me again, won’t you stay….
Cause I don’t wanna lose you now, I always wanna feel this way


Love Can Be …..

{ Love Can Be }

Found In The Warmth Of A Kiss,In
A Touch
Or A Lingering Embrace

{ Love Can Be }

Found In A Sweet,Tender Glance
Or A
Smile That Laughs Up The Face

{ Love Can Be }

Found In Words Softly Spoken,In
Comfortable Silence Too

{ Love Can Be }

Found In Any Number Of Ways


♥♥♥ “I FOUND YOU” ♥♥♥


Sometimes Little Things Hurt.. . No Reply from ur Love ones, Laughing of Friends at U, .

Sometimes Little Things Hurt..
No Reply from ur Love ones,
Laughing of Friends at U,
Wen ur Best Friend is Busy with
Wen u want ur Friend 2 b with u,But
they Dont Have time 4 u,
to sum1 Spcl, bt HE/SHE Doesnt try to
Wen u want To TALK TO HIM/HER,bt
dey say “I AM BUSY”
Wen u dont feel sleepy at Night nur
Bf/Gf says I’m damn sleepy…
How truly said- Heart is soft n can b
Pinched Easily. . . . . ..

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Girl: We are best friends, right? Boy: Yes, of course.

Girl: We are best friends, right?
Boy: Yes, of course.
Girl: So be honest with me, who do you like?
Boy: No one. I love someone.
Girl: Oh, she must be very lucky..
Boy: Definitely. I’ve loved her,
ever since I met her.
Girl: Really? Well, since we’re best friends,
I wanna meet her. Go call her.
Boy: Oh okay.
*Boy takes out his phone,dials her number and phones her..*
Girl: Wait, hold on I think I’m getting a call.
*Answers the phone*
Boy: I love you



Tell me do you hear it too, how our hearts beat as if one…

Tell me do you hear it too,
how our hearts beat as if one…

I’ve been trying to write this poem for days,
I pick up the pen and it just feels
so lifeless …
unlike what lives inside my heart.
And so
I sing soft whispers to the wind
hoping it would take me to you..

My head used to spin
trying to figure out my purpose,
why I’m here,
where I belong;

I never believed in soul mates,
but now you have me seeing
things I never knew existed:

in your eyes,
in your arms.
You gave me the inner peace I’ve been struggling to find,
I guess this is what it means
to know life in every breath.

You have this poet stuttering,
almost speechless,
breaking down with joy,
and every single tear
is a word I don’t know how to say… C.P


When I first saw you, you took my breath away.

When I first saw you, you took my
breath away.
When you first talked to me, I
couldn’t think.
When you asked me out, I couldn’t
When you touched me, I got shivers
all through my body.
And when we first kissed, I floated
awayin my dreams.
It’s magic each time we hold each
other,each time we cuddle, and
each time we kiss.
I feel goosebumps all over again.
I never want to let you go for fear
of losing you,
so I just hold on a little bit tighter
each day,
refusing to let go.
You will never know the warmth I
feel inside me when I’m with you.
You’re all I ever wanted


Never Break Up With Someone You Really Love…

Never Break Up With Someone You
Really Love

BOY–I broke up with her.
GIRL–He broke up with me.
BOY–I don’t know why i did that.?
GIRL–It seems like he had a strong
reason for
doing it.
BOY–I was so happy with her.
GIRL–All I did was disappoint him.
BOY–I got a new girl which I don’t
even like.
GIRL–He got a new girl which he’s in
love with.
BOY–It’s only because I couldn’t get my
mind off
of her..
GIRL–He doesn’t even think of me.
BOY–No one can replace her.
GIRL–He replaced me with that Girl.
BOY–She was so much better than my
new girl.
GIRL–She has everything i don’t.
BOY–I want her back.
GIRL–He doesn’t even want to hear my
BOY–She’s everything to me.
GIRL–I’m nothing to him.
BOY–But now she probably hates me.
GIRL–But i can never hate him..
BOY–I miss her.
GIRL–I miss him.
BOY–I love her.
GIRL–I love him..

The ultimate truth comes out in the end.♥♥♥