My LOVE for You Grows Everyday <3

My love for you grows everyday in each and every way.
It grows when you look at me, when you say my name.
It grows when I hold you close at night
and can feel your heart beating against mine.
It grows when our hands meet and each of our fingers
lace together perfectly.
It grows when I tickle you and you can help, but laugh.
It grows when you talk about us in the future,
because I couldn’t imagine it
with anyone else but you.
And most of all it grows when you say I Love You.


<3 My Love for You <3

My love for you
Is like the sky,
With dreams that soar
And hopes that fly.


It’s like a
Never ending ocean,
An everlasting,
Deep emotion.

It has the tenderness
Of spring,
The charm that warmth
And laughter bring.

It has the simple
Strength of stone.
It shields us from
A life alone.

It’s ever growing,
Ever new.
It’s always there,
My love for you.


Please Leave Me Alone :!

I know this words sound so sad
As I often told you to go away
But I just noticed it from you that leaving me alone it seems so hard.
You came back again to talk with me cause you’re feeling too bad!

Leave me alone in my world
I have enough of you
I’m sick of your nasty word(s).

I’ve given you more than second chances to come into my life again
I always have an open hand for you
I showed you how much I love you
But in return you only left me the pain.

Leave me alone and be happy with that new woman
She has the special place in your life now
So let me go and focus your feelings to her
I will survive without you, butterfly man.

I know it is not so easy for you too
To leave me n lose me after many years
But try to forget me
Open your heart wide away and love
that girl that you dreamt to see
Just feel free and give all your love to her
So you will be happy n satisfied forever.

Leave me alone
Follow your heart where is belong to
Assure that you’re able to do
You must be proud and happy that you’ve found her
Even she is just a virtual clown or just a love on the phone.

Be happy that she give you an attention
Take her love to you
And feel like a king of her heart
Hope she will open her heart n legs to you too soon
To heal all the pain of love u had before
May your relationship will always be in a good condition!

Leave me alone
Keep it away from my life
I already cried out all my tears
And now I need peace without strife
I’ m sure that my life without you would be better soon!
So please leave me alone!


Friendship is Friendship

Friendship is there where ever you go
Friendship is there when you over dose
Friendship loves and Friendship cares
Friendship is life with a little dares

Friendship hurts when your not there
Friendship dies everywhere
Friendship is even the life you lost
Friendship is love with a little cost

…….And that’s why ‘Friendship’ is what it is today
You can’t live ‘life’ with enemies in your way
So go back to school and make up
Tell your enemies you f***ed up

…….And maybe just maybe they’ll say ‘Okay! ‘
Then your life would be easier today
Now go home and explain everything
Friendship means multiple meanings everyday