I still miss those days . .

I still miss those days . .

Dat hours of chatting , fighting over little things . .

late night talks , sharing secrets . .

“being possessive” attitudes , waiting for your texts . .

watching your pics and texts over and over . .

smiling for no reason , trusting you blindly . .

your hugs and kisses , your innocent wishes . . !!

And now , just having blank inbox . .

no more “I love u” , hours of loneliness . .

unshared emotions , late night cries . .

heartbreaking secrets , shattered dreams . .

deleted memories , fake smiles . .

broken trust , your nailed hugs , your devious heartaches . .

I don’t know why i m still waiting for you . . . ! :'( ♥ ♥ ♥


When a little girl puts her energy to give

When a little girl puts her energy to give
her dad a kiss ;That’s Love ♥

When a wife makes tea for her
husband & take a sip before him ;That’s Love ♥

When a mother gives her son the best
piece of cake ; That’s Love ♥

When your Friend holds your hand
tightly on a slippery road ;That’s Love ♥

When your brother/sister messages
you & ask if you reached home on time ;That’s Love ♥

Love isn’t just a guy holding a girl & going around the city !
Love is actually another name of “Care ” !! ♥


A Boy And A Girl Were Playing Together,

A Boy And A Girl Were Playing Together,
The Boy Had A Collection Of Marbles..
And The Girl Had Some Sweets With Her..!

The Boy Told The Girl That;
“he Will Give Ger All His Marbles
In Exchange For Her Sweets..”

The Girl Agreed;
The Boy Kept The Biggest
And The Most Beautiful Marble Aside;
And Gave The Rest To The Girl..!
But The Girl Gave Him All Her Sweets
As She Had Promised..=)

That Night, The Girl Slept Peacefully,
But The Boy Couldn’t Sleep As He Kept Wondering
If The Girl Had Hidden Some Sweets From Him
The Way He Had Hidden His Best Marble..=(

->moral Of The Story:
If You Don’t Give Your 100% In A Relationship,
You’ll Always Keep Doubting;
If The Other Person Has Given His/her 100% !!

This Is Applicable For Any Relationship;
Give Ur 100% To Everything U Do & Sleep Peacefully..! =)


I’m scared because…

I’m scared because…
I don’t want anyone else to have your heart,
I don’t want anyone else to kiss your lips,
I don’t want anyone else to be in you arms,
I don’t want anyone but me to be the one you love.
I’m scared because I don’t want anyone to take my place ♥


Love Sadness…!!!

i finally found myself in love with you,when I felt the saddest moment of mylife when you left me and the happiest moment of my life when you came back..!!!

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