Love don’t ask!! “Who are you!!”

Love dont ask!!
“Who are you!!”
Love only says!!
“You are mine!!”
Love dont ask!!
“Where are you from!!”
Love only says!!
“You lives in my heart!!” Love
dont ask!!
“What do you do!!”
Love only says!!
“You make my heart to beat!!” Love
dont ask!!
“Why are you far away!!”
Love only says!!
“You are always with me.


Bill Gates say life is not fair get used to it(life is not fair Quotes)

In this article, you will get the best life is not fair quotes. From these quotes, you will get motivation and inspiration. Life is not fair sometimes. You feel that life is not fair then don’t worry. It is a blessing from God. Life is not fair is a life lesson. If you are rich, poor, or have any other conditions in between then it does not count. Everybody has some percent of life’s unfair moments. And, it can be difficult to maintain your head up when life gives you your lemons.

This blog post will deliver quotes about life being unfair to help raise your spirits during these times! It can be difficult to accept life is not fair sometimes. These life’s unfair quotes show that life is not permanently effortless. And, things do not ever go according to your way. Also, we all have hurdles in our life, but we should never give up our hard work and hope.

Life is not fair quotes (life is not fair quotes bill gates)

Life is not fair Quotes

1. “Life is not fair, get used to it.

2. “Life is never fine. Suppose if we all had the same share of good luck, health, and opportunity!”

3. “Life is not a fair match; you do what it carries, and in the end, no one goes home with empty hands.”

4. “ Every day is a fortunate day, whether it be the eyespots on your glasses or that one madly hair you launch in your soup.”

5. “ Life is a powerful mistress, and it can be difficult to manage as she takes her unfair toll on the unaware.”
6. “ It is frequently expressed that if you hold nothing to be grateful for, check your beating.”

7. “ I arrive then not as a person but as who had a reasonable stake of life’s reversals.”
8. “ Life is fraudulent, and that may be a suitable specialty for most of us.”

9. “ Life may not be fit, but it’s a constant that will no manner dissimilar.”
10. “ Life isn’t fair, but it has no mode lived. The morning struggles to bring the sun back constantly with the icy determination that will be awarded in time.”

Bill Gates say life is not fair get used to it .

11. “I arrive then not as a shiny person but as an individual who had a fair quota of life’s reversals.”
12. “ Good effects are about to be. Keep your head over, and you’ll be glad that moment was the day when everything changed for you.”

13. “ Life isn’t always fair. Anyone who says it is, or indeed that life should indeed be honest, perhaps a fool or worse.”

Life is unfair. Explanation.

“ Life is foul, use to it”, are the words of an authentically successful man name is Bill Gates. This information is available to everyone. Life isn’t fair and can’t be honest. This is a reality I believe in 100. So, I believe that not everything happens. When I was in the ninth stage, I damaged my football arm. I harmed it in the first game of this game. Two weeks and an ethnicity six weeks after the warmth. Two weeks after the competition, when I find out I was damaged. Also, I was angry when I find out I had to finish the last race of my last cycle of the advanced academy. But I was furious when I find out I would not toss any further until after baseball and if I did I would in the maximum 5 of 9 games in 9 seasons.

We must first understand what’s and what isn’t a matter of understanding. The justice of life isn’t predicated on a rulebook by which adventures can measure. What do you mean by “ just” you define predicated on your values, without the need to adjust to other people’s value systems. Growing up we understand to play the rules and that was what cause the game perfect. But who wrote these rules? Who decides they have a degree of “ justice”? The cause for the laws in the games is that they can play without having to regularly draw the whole game and have fun. Also, perhaps, you can play a game where players remember different performances of the rules and argue with them about the game? Yeah, it isn’t funny. Again, life isn’t fair, use it.

Bill Gates SAY: “Life is not fair. Get used to it.”

Life is not fair quotes.

14. “ Life is not always suitable, but the sunrise continues to light indeed if it’s been raining.”

15. “ One day, God will settle the score. He’s going to right all wrongs and give justice where it’s due-so who can get a better judge than him?”
16. “ Life is unfair, and it noway will be. But the morning still rises in determined stopgap of a better day to come.”

17. “ Life is a trip that repeatedly takes the quickest route, but this doesn’t make it comfortable. It’s always stylish to take the more delicate path if you want commodity fair in return for your sweats.”
18. “ The shortest way is generally the most improper, but what about the more humble course? It might not be much longer.”

19. “ Life is illegal. Occasionally it’s not, but occasionally life takes a turn for the better, and you don’t want to let that occasion pass in!”
20. “ There are thousands of reasons not to go back. The only reason for going is because it harmed you, and that’s why the pain senses so good.”

Life is no way fair.

  • “ Life is no way fair. Occasionally it can be a blessing, but the utmost of the time, you’re better off not being lucky enough to have life work out in your favor.”
  • “In a world where life is illegal, it should be no surprise that occasionally we get lucky.”
  • “ Life is not fair, but the morning seems determined to give a new day until it does.”
  • “ God is permanent with you, indeed in the most brutal times. He helps us to be patient and powerful – so who can get better magistrate than God?”
  • “I learned an extended time ago life just is not fair, so you reasonably stop awaiting it to be.”
  • “Life is not fair. Anyone who says it is, or indeed that it ought to be, is a fool or worse.”
  • “Life is going to beat you up, it wouldn’t be fair if you did not throw some punches back at it.”

Also, get the blessing of friendship quotes and you are stronger than you think quotes at


The Blessing Of Friendship Quotes (Blessing for my Friends)

The Blessing Of Friendship quotes. Friendship is a gift from God. God blessed us with the gift of friendship. Of all the glories and pleasures that come with life on this earth, friendship is maybe one of the maximum blessings of the Lord.

The Blessing Of Friendship is a gift from God

Friendship comes in numerous different forms and ways; it’s what our hearts crave and shows that we’re made for connection. There are so numerous blessings that friendship offers us.

1. Fellowship

What is Fellowship

Friendship offers a place for fellowship in the Lord, and its commodity is greatly precious to the Kingdom. For it’s in coming together as a community of religionists and as the Church that we can do life together. And, in itself, friendship can enable and plant. Psalm 1331 offers, “ How good and affable it’s when God’s people live together in harmony!” It’s the heart of the Lord that His people come together in harmony, but also to find fellowship in Him.

Consider the Church in Acts and how did they live together. Acts 246 offers, “ Every day they continued to meet together in the church courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts.” They did life together, and they were for each other. They encouraged one another, helped one another, and brought forth the love of the Lord through their conduct and words. Fellowship-filled friendships are bones to supplicate for and invite into our lives.

2. Companionship – The Blessing Of Friendship

companionship - the blessing of friendship

Another blessing of friendship comes fellowship. As beforehand as the morning of Eden, God said, in Genesis 218 it says, “ The LORD God said, “ It isn’t good for the man to be alone. I’ll make an assistant suitable for him.” Although this relationship was romantic between Adam and Eve, God builds fellowship and friendship within romantic connections. This plushly adds to life, for it’s no longer a place of being alone in the ups and campo that come in life, but it’s a connection of having someone different to calculate upon, a trip with, and trust.

A companion can come in colorful forms, but it always offers a place of embedded fellowship. Suppose Samwise Gamgee and Frodo Baggins in The Lord of the Rings. They were companions and musketeers. Frodo would not have been suitable to complete the inviting trip that was before him without his friendship with Sam. When we look at friendship in that way, we realize it isn’t just for times of enjoyment, but it’s for all the adventures life may throw at us, wild as they may come.

the blessing of friendship

3. Warfare Comrades

In any life, necessary hard times come about, but through friendship, we don’t endure those seasons alone. Ecclesiastes 49-10 bravely encourages us, “Two are better than one. Because they are a good return for their labor if either of them falls down, one can help th other up. But pity anyone who drops and has no one to support them up.” In those seasons where difficulties come, where spiritual warfare is present and rampant. And, where personal property is the most delicate, we see what it means to help another. The blessing of friendship is necessary for life.

It may be you rocked in the middle of the storm. Or it may be someone that you’re called to come alongside. But there’s a place of blessing on the other side. It can be said that friendships are strengthened in these times. Because participated experience or indeed participated trauma cultivate commodities different within that only good times do not. Ask God how you can be a friend to those around you in their times of need. And, trust Him to bring those you need when you face your own battles. It is the blessing of friendship.

4. Brotherhood – The Blessing Of Friendship

Brotherhood – The Blessing Of Friendship

Friendship proposes a place of brotherhood in times when we require it most. Some of the most significant friendships in the Bible weren’t ones of blood relation but ones constructed over time through storms, battles, and good times as well. David and Jonathan are one of the topmost exemplifications of this. Johnathan was the son of King Saul, the first King of Israel, but God had chosen David to be the coming King. Rather than fostering covetousness or misprision, Jonathan viewed David as a brother.

The verse in Proverbs 1824, “ One who has unreliable musketeers soon comes to ruin. But there’s a friend who sticks near than a brother,” can truly be said of this friendship. They lifted each other and supported each other in the stylish and worst times. They challenged one another when there was a need for reproach and wisdom, and they had one another’s tails. We can learn so important about friendship from seeing how David and Johnathan were. And, it also places it upon us to ask God to bring about a brotherhood (or sisterhood) kind of friendship. One that isn’t dependent on DNA blood but rather is on the blood of Muslims in relating and calling. Also, see our article on life is not fair quotes.

5. Memories

Memories-Blessing Of Friendship Quotes

All friendships are erected with memories. Numerous of these memories can grace and lace with some of the most golden days of life. Maybe it’s a holiday or trip, or perhaps a festivity or corner together. But recollections can come about that come locked in our minds of a blessed time. I like to call similar times “ snow globe moments” because they’re the kind of moments or passions you wish you could capture in a snow globe.

You wish they could stay in the closets of your mind when you need to recall commodity noble. And, take that captured memory and shake it to remember all the bits and bitsy details. To watch in amazement your mind’s eye like surprising a snow planet. Incontinently back to a time in which you were girdled by loved bones, awful buddies. And, a time where effects were just as they ought to be. Maybe one of the topmost gifts friendships give us is the gift of recollections.

Final Words

Friendship is unfeignedly a gift of the Lord. They serve as commodities our hearts not only crave. But are made to need. God can bring about friendship in inconceivable connections and ways, and those connector moments can, in turn, produce a fellowship that can last a continuance. Ask the Lord to bring about for you the people He has for you. The people who’ll seek to support you, root you on, challenge you in the correct ways, and be those that produce good fruit in the theater of your life.

Above all differently, the most remarkable friendship of all is the relationship you have with Jesus. He’s the ultimate, best, and topmost Friend, and He laid down His life for you. Recall John 1512-15, “ My command is this Love each other as I’ve loved you. 13 Greater love has no bone than this to lay down one’s life for one’s musketeers. 14 You’re my buddies if you do what I command. 15 I no longer call you retainers, because a menial doesn’t know his master’s business. Rather, I’ve called you comrades, for everything that I learn from my Father. I’ve made given to you.” You’re loved, chosen. And wanted by the Lord. Adopt all the blessings He has for you through friendships of every kind.



A Girl will Smile in Pain, Cry in Joy..
She will give Up all Her Pleasures just for a Smile from Someone She Loves..

She will Change a 100 Dresses, n still not Like any..
She will Shout Like Maniacs; Then Cry Like a Lil kid..

She would Hug you, n forget the World..
She would be Satisfied by a Simple:”I’m there..”

A Girl doesn’t Need big Things in Life,
She is Happy with the Small Popcorn at the Movie….

“Value the Girls in Your Life,
Be It Ur Mother, Sister, Grandmother, or a Best
She has given Her Soul for Ur Joy..

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Nicholas Sparks Quote In all our time together

“In all our time together You’ve come to mean so much to me You are my best friend My life and all my dreams. You give me hope when I’m all out You are my pick-me-up When I’m feeling down You make me feel good about myself There will never be anyone else For the rest of time To love me like you do And for me to love too The way I love you You mean the world to me You are my soul, my spirit My everything. “

Nicholas Sparks Quote



A Flight Was Flying Through The Clouds.
Suddenly, It Lost The Balance..

Everyone Started Shouting In Fear. But A Small Girl Kept
Playing With Her Toy….
After An Hour,The Flight Was
Landed Safely..
A Man Asked The Small Girl, “How Could You Play With
Toy When Everyone Was
The Small Girl Smiled And
Said… “My Dad Is The Pilot. I Knew
Already That He Will Land Me

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Work Hard In Silence and Let Success Makes The Noise – Frank Ocean

Work Hard In Silence and Let Success Makes The Noise. Let Success makes the Noise.

Who Said: Frank Ocean

While considering hard work to get success. There is consistently an inquiry that spring up in our mind. That is “what pushes individuals to work hard, similar to day and night, do they never rest? Why they are so decided about their life, success, and achievements. Regardless of whether knowledge is a significant need the primary thing that inclinations numerous people to work hard is hunger. So, when this craving pushes you to earn more, get more, accomplish more, it causes an individual to turn into the best at what they do.

Work Hard In Silence and Let Success Makes The Noise Zone -Frank Ocean

As far as I might be concerned, everyone has that hunger. Yet it tends to be dead for certain individuals. The justification that is they are reluctant to bomb that is the reason they won’t ever attempt. It has been human instinct for a long time, to shield yourself from the dread of disappointment by bringing down your assumptions for winning. So, a few groups acknowledge their destiny and proceed onward while others conclude that they had enough. In this manner, the time has come to begin hard work peacefully and appreciate yourself with positive commendations.

A Clear Vision is a Key to Work Hard

In the event you are studying this article, it is on the grounds that you are unique and you need to be not quite the same as every other person. To work hard, you need a reasonable vision of what you need and where you are going. Also, you need to zero in on yourself and attempt to move yourself rather than individuals who don’t have confidence in you. It feels sort of desolate when you work peacefully yet recollect, you eat better.

Practice Make a Man Perfect

You can acquire information and begin working by going to a gathering, studying a book, having a discussion with incredible individuals. However, what flawlessness lies in, is the execution of the thoughts. You can’t have the opinion to work except if you will stand up and assume your part, do the training, yet in the exertion, contribute the time and work hard.

A few groups, who love understanding books, going on workshops, getting internet training, however, nothing changes in their day to day existence. And, they don’t get why it doesn’t work and why their lives don’t improve, or why reasoning stills something similar.

No Pain, No Gain

you must be over the top, excited to know the base of “pain“. Therefore, you had the opportunity to have the will to endure and make a solid effort to accomplish your vision. You need to feel the agony to arrive at a spot called achievement and when you arrive at that territory, let your success justifies itself. You need to move your attitude from zeroing in on the development and objectives of what you need to accomplish. So, on the off chance that you need to achieve what you want you to need to work hard each day.

Work Hard In Silence and Let Success Make the Noise

Work Hard In Silence and Let Success Makes The Noise Zone -Frank Ocean

Have you at any point bailed after the principal difficulty? A great many people object to progression, and the vast majority of them get bailed after a little disappointment. And, there is not something to be embarrassed about. You need to practice and try sincerely in the event that you need to dominate it. Also, you should think often about it and the only thing that is in any way important is the manner by which you should act in regards to now and your impending future. Continuously keep your “why” in your brain and work hard peacefully and let your success justify itself. Continuously recollect what you can perform. you will succeed, and you should not disappoint.

Again, work hard in silence and let success makes the noise.


Come live in my heart and pay no rent : Samuel Lover Quotes

Come live in my heart, and pay no rent“.

Who said: “Samuel Lover“.

The offer of “come live in my heart, and pay no rent” seems very charming, but usually contrary to the character of affection. Which is predicated upon a reciprocal relationship. Being a renter in someone’s heart has obligations that can not ignore. We know that the brain, instead of the guts, underlies mental phenomena. However, in everyday usages, the guts remain seemed to underlie emotional phenomena generally and love especially. The above quotation illustrates this perception. Samuel Lover‘s words, “Come live in my heart and, pay no rent“, take the guts comparison further and formulate it in real-estimate terms. What does it mean to permit a renter to measure rent-free in your heart?

It might mean that “your love on behalf of me would not cost you anything”, it’s a love without obligations. Does such love exist?


come live

There is a saying: “That which costs nothing is worth nothing“. If there are not any free lunches, can there be free love? Love may be a profound attitude, and it seems that somebody should buy it. If the beloved does not pay his share, who does? Also, a profound love starts with the intention to not charge any rent. Except maybe for an emotional one ( which might not be high if you assume that “He will learn to like me”. ). So, once you are deeply crazy, you are feeling that you simply would do anything for the one that you love without asking anything reciprocally. But actually, we do need something in return.

So, in particular, we would like our profound like to be reciprocated. To sustain a long-lasting, loving relationship, the blessing of friendship. We would like reciprocal interactions of giving and receiving love, caring, respect, and sex, for instance. One can understand the proposal to measure rent-free in someone’s heart as a sort of seductive offer supported the subsequent rationale. “Although, I do incur expenses for letting you reside in my heart. I enjoy your company such a lot that I can cover the complete cost of your stay. The pleasure of being with you is more valuable to me than the return that I might get from rent“.

Final Words

Although this reasoning seems romantic, it runs against the foundation of deep love. On whether it is appropriate to simply accept such a suggestion, this relies on whether the beloved can afford to pay the rent. So, if he can, he should gladly do so. Love involves the wish to offer and sacrifice, not the wish to merely receive and benefit. Love does not involve the look for an honest, cheap deal. Not paying rent for the utilization of someone’s heart is sort of a deal during which you buy one ( the one during which you are doing invest and give ), and obtain another one free. Such a deal is contrary to great love. During which you are happy to pay a good higher rent than is requested. So, please come live in my heart, and pay no rent.


Love is friendship that has caught fire :  Ann Landers Quotes

“Love is friendship that has caught fire”.

Who said: “Ann Landers“.

Love is a friendship that has burst into fire Love resembles a friendship burst into flames. In the first place, the fire is extremely lovely hot, and deep. Yet at the same time just light and flashing. As love becomes more experienced our hearts develop. And, our blessing of friendship becomes brand profound consuming. Also, it agrees to not as much lawlessness and considers human weaknesses. Initially, a fire is exceptionally beautiful regularly hot and furious yet just light and glinting.


Love is friendship that has caught fire

Love is a friendship that has burst into fire. This hashes up understanding, common certainty, sharing, and excusing. It is steadfastness through all kinds of challenges. It is happy with the present. Also, it expects the future and it does not sit over the past. It is the day-in and out records of stresses, problems, compromises, small disappointments, big victories, and common goals. If you have love in your life, it can help with a great many things that you lack. So, on the off chance, you don’t have it, regardless of what else is there, it is not sufficient.

I generally viewed myself as fortunate to have you as my closest friend, the individual who would be close by until the cows come home. Yet there is no space for happiness in a universe of destiny. And, it just so happens, my perfect partner was veiled as my dearest friend the entire time. Since this time you were searching for me and I was searching for you. However, we did not realize that the difference was directly before us. Furthermore, it went on like that for some time, with only two friends sharing our considerations, expects the future, and most extravagant fantasies. Consistently we spent together we experiencing passionate feelings for, without knowing it.


Easy & Difficult:

Easy & Difficult:

Easy is to say i love u.Difficult
is to show it everyday.

Easy is to hurt someone who
loves us.
Difficult is to heal the wound.

Easy is to weep for a lost
Difficult is to take care of
it,not to loose it.

Easy is to dream every night.
Difficult is to fight for a

Easy is to keep the friendship
with words.
Difficult is to keep it with

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Love is sometimes strange. It can built someone as well as destroy someone.

Love is sometimes strange. It can built someone as well as destroy someone.

Just like every story it started first time when he saw her ; just like in a fairy tales he was freeze , could not understand what was happening to him , what was happening.

It took him some days to realize actually he was in love with that girl and decided to propose her.

But via one of his friend he got to know that the girl was already with someone.

Broken he was unable to forget that girl…years pass on still that girl was still on his mind…

he already lost his heart with that girl…..but what destiny plans no one yet has been unable to understand….just like every week he was trying to get himself out of his sorrows on facebook when conversation start with a girl…

They exchange few words and in conversation he got to tell her his story how he lost his love before he could get a chance……by surprise he was actually narrating his story to the girl itself……the girl say she never had any boyfriend…..

excited he promised that he will prove his love for her and everyday show her how much he loves her….but like in every story if there is no hardship nothing gained…… that girl had no mobile…

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