Love is friendship that has caught fire :  Ann Landers Quotes

“Love is friendship that has caught fire”.

Who said: “Ann Landers“.

Love is a friendship that has burst into fire Love resembles a friendship burst into flames. In the first place, the fire is extremely lovely hot, and deep. Yet at the same time just light and flashing. As love becomes more experienced our hearts develop. And, our blessing of friendship becomes brand profound consuming. Also, it agrees to not as much lawlessness and considers human weaknesses. Initially, a fire is exceptionally beautiful regularly hot and furious yet just light and glinting.


Love is friendship that has caught fire

Love is a friendship that has burst into fire. This hashes up understanding, common certainty, sharing, and excusing. It is steadfastness through all kinds of challenges. It is happy with the present. Also, it expects the future and it does not sit over the past. It is the day-in and out records of stresses, problems, compromises, small disappointments, big victories, and common goals. If you have love in your life, it can help with a great many things that you lack. So, on the off chance, you don’t have it, regardless of what else is there, it is not sufficient.

I generally viewed myself as fortunate to have you as my closest friend, the individual who would be close by until the cows come home. Yet there is no space for happiness in a universe of destiny. And, it just so happens, my perfect partner was veiled as my dearest friend the entire time. Since this time you were searching for me and I was searching for you. However, we did not realize that the difference was directly before us. Furthermore, it went on like that for some time, with only two friends sharing our considerations, expects the future, and most extravagant fantasies. Consistently we spent together we experiencing passionate feelings for, without knowing it.


If Opportunity doesn’t Knock, Build a Door : Milton Berle Quotes

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”

Who said: Milton Berle.

This quote simply means opportunities might not always walk up to you. If not, it’s you who should build a door for those options to return up to you. A big number of us keep blaming our fate that we are not blessed enough opportunities in our lives, to be ready to succeed. If an opportunity is not knocking on our door for years, then we should build a door. There should be an excess of options arising in your life for the blessing of friendship. But the wise ones will never take an opportunity to skip any of them. So, you ought to be unwrapping all the boxes and have the center to discover what’s inside.


If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door

Not everything is going to be up to your mark, on the other hand, you recognize that you simply have not missed an honest one. Just in case you do not witness a chance to return along your way. It’s probably because you have not reached up there to potential wherein opportunities can strike you. If you don’t see opportunities coming along your path, you should to not set back in your job. Instead, you should allow yourself to build a door and let opportunities come and knock at your door.

Life won’t offer you options until and unless you snatch them at your own potential. You would like to specialize in growing up in every aspect of your life. And, keep your senses open in order that you are doing not miss one chance that comes up to you. One who blames that life does not give enough options is that the one who lacks the power to discover them. Don’t let enough time bend you, be the one who is in a position to face up to all the adversity yet stand back to beat those hurdles. If you are not finding opportunities coming along your way, have the center to make it, which simply indicates your ability to form a path for those opportunities to return your way.


You just can’t beat the person who never gives up:Babe Ruth Quotes

“You just can’t beat the person who never gives up”.

Who said: “Babe Ruth”.

What did it mean to you as you read it now? Goerge Herman “Babe” Ruth, Jr. was born on February 6, 1895, and died on August 16, 1948. He was an American Baseball Player who spent 22 seasons in big league Baseball playing for 3 teams ( 1914 – 1935 ). Known for his hitting brilliance, Ruth set career records in his time for home runs, runs batted in, and bases on balls. He was simply a tremendous player and he broke almost every record within the game. Once I read his quote I feel about Resolution. Whatever you began to try to do, there will be difficulties along with you. Maybe your blessing of friendship will wonder what within the world you are doing and why. So, you can’t beat the person who is the same as Babe Ruth

You just can't beat the person  who never gives up


Once you do something new and you pass passion, you do not always have the answers, And, it is easy to start out to doubt. Maybe your finances won’t be what they were before. And, you will start asking yourself if “this is basically an honest idea“. You will meet with temporary defeat along the way, there is no doubt that. It is only natural since you are doing new things. The question is that if you rise up after you sink or if you stay down? So, believe what makes it worthwhile for you. What’s yours why? It is been said that once you have an enormous enough Why you will endure almost any How.

Ruth said you can’t beat the one that never gives up, and the way true that is. Become that man. Believe what you would like and why. Write down the why. Hook up with it emotionally. Really take it in. Then begin with whatever you would like to make, never hand over. Your smartest action steps today towards your goal what is it that you simply can do today. That takes you as fast as possible within the direction of your goal. And, the way can today’s quote help you? Confirm you:

Have a goal ( decide what you would like, the way to measure it, and once you want it )

Have a goal ( decide what you would like, the way to measure it, and once you want it ).

Specialize in the items which will take you within the direction of your goal

"Specialize in the items which will take you within the direction of your goal"

Don’t spend ant time thinking of why you cannot. Only consider how you will.

Don't spend ant time thinking of why you cannot. Only consider how you will.

Final Words

Spend a moment or two ( yes, you are doing have 2 minutes of time ) and really consider a minimum of 3 ways of this quote ties into your life. How can it help you? So, write down the reasons. In last, you can’t beat the person who never gives up. So, became that man.


You are stronger than you think! – Never give up Quotes

You are stronger than you think! – Never give up“. How strong are you? That’s a tough question to answer, whether you are a man or woman. But I want to question, how do you define your strength? How do you know your goals? How do you know just how powerful you have got? When energy comes to push, we generally notice that we are much strong than we suppose. Do you know the strength of the blessing of friendship?

What is Strength? (Explanation)

What is Strength?

Strength is not always about pure physical strength. Infrequently so, in our ultramodern world. Rather it is about control, discipline, strength. It is about the ability to get results done. I know some intellectually strong people, but they get veritably little done in their jobs. And, I know others who find jobs very difficult but can move hills by their smooth force and hard work. They maintain internal energy. More intriguing, is that these productive hard workers usually do not surely notify the load. Observers are not just amazed but usually ask, “How do you perform it?” The answer generally comes back, “I just struggle harder than the others”.

So, why are some people proper to do further? What gives them added force? What gives them excessive strength? Could it be, they’ve simply allowed themselves to do extra? What I’ve witnessed is that maximum people put their goals. They limit their mission trained on tone-framed forces of their skills and strengths. Occasionally, they’re grounded on observed limits. Hardly, these limits are taught on zero.

How do we get stronger?

How do we get stronger?-You are stronger than you think! Never give up

Ironically, indeed though we’re speaking about inner strength, one of the smart points to see tone-assessed boundaries is at the spring. I see people going through the campaigns of working out but are nowhere near their strength goals. They display a group of featherlight dumbbells in appearance. And, also, wonder why they aren’t seeing outcomes. Numerous of them could likely uplift 2X the quantum of weight they’re utilizing. The same thing applies to regular life. Numerous people are going through the actions, but are nowhere near their goals. Still, you have to shift your limits, If you want to be stronger. But, the same principle is true when it comes to inner strength, control, and force.

You are stronger than you think! – Never give up

You Are Stronger Than You Suppose

Most people underestimate their strength. As you go through your day, examine your ability. Test your purposes. Push yourself, to find your real limits and define your strength. When you realize how important you’ve prepared, you may amaze surely yourself. What are your tone-assessed goals? Which do you need to shift? When have you started that you were much stronger than you allowed? We’ve heard various people say, “ You ’re stronger than you think! – Never give up,”, especially during sensitive times. Life usually gets tempting, giving us no option but to give up. But, is it actually the result?

You Are Stronger Than You Suppose Quotes

Is there nothing that you can do to perform it completely? Identify, it isn’t the end. Giving up is not an option. It’s ironic that we have a tenor to expand our efforts, hurdles, and problems. And, it is disturbing that we have the manner of distributing ourselves little. Whether it’s spirit, strength, or capacity. So, we always underestimate ourselves. This practice is commonly the main thing that prevents us from progressing. But, we’re stronger than we think. We have the skill to reduce the results around us. All we need is a little strength, confidence, and the control to not give up.

Final Words – Advice!

Embracing flops might be dangerous, but it can actually help you win in your career. Don’t be excited to make traps. In the worst-case scenario, you’ll lose, but in fact, you will be a champion. Because you rejected to give up. Remember, when working gets tight, the hard issue continues. You need to stress yourself about your goal and situation in life. However, suppose of causes why you shouldn’t. If you seem like giving up. Achieving purposes is not a simple job. Indeed getting through each day might seem like an unsolvable task some days. But you need to support yourself and life will come great for you. Remember, giving up isn’t a selection. The most strong people in the world are the Small Humans who no way gave up what the condition was like.

You need to acquire from these strong people. There’s nothing that can stop you. All you got to do is decide that you are not going to give up. You need to be willing to taste failure if you want to observe success. Success and failure will always come. And, you will have to make the friendship of real friends with both of them. Don’t lose confidence in yourself. Pick yourself up when you buckle down and keep telling yourself that you are stronger than you think. Tell yourself that giving up is not a choice. Believe in yourself and enjoy everything that has happened until now. Let go of it and only focus on real thoughts. Anything is achievable, only if you attempt and do not give up.

You are stronger than you think! – Never give up.


Doing your best is not the last work

Doing your best is not the last work.

“Sometimes, doing your best is not enough. If you really want something, you will have to do whatever it takes”. Your best work is not the last work.

Who said: “Winston Churchill.

When you are assigned to achieve an extraordinary job. In other words, by doing your best, you usually react by saying, “I will do my bestest.” Whether you win or whether you lose, they cannot demand more from you. If you lose they will just have to wave it off. And, resolve for the result since you have performed your best. And, your failure means you have entered and touched your best efforts. But do not you sometimes examine yourself, if you have actually given your all? Was that all you can grow up with? Or perhaps, you could do more which could have resulted in a match better outcome? Because this is not your last work.

Doing your best is not the last work

Notice, sometimes, it is not sufficient to just do your bestest because we usually manage to put goals on what we can do. Have you the blessing of friendship? We point to measure ourselves with how great we finished the past jobs that moved to us. Oftentimes, this happens in not judging harder because in our ideas we have previously delivered everything we do. But what if we will shift our mindset and say, “I will do everything it takes,” instead? Don’t you believe it will gain a big contrast? Because you will have to do everything it needs, you will observe all attainable techniques to achieve. This is so because your best work is not the last work. It may mean examining stuff you have never worked on before or learning new abilities. At last, doing your best is not your last work.


The Obstacle is the path : Zen Proverb

“The Obstacle is the path”.

Often we scare because of some unfavorable hurdle or obstacle in our way. But a change in mindset from a Zen Proverb can improve everything you want to improve.

Who said: “Marcus Aurelius“.


The obstacle is not something being in our way. It is the way itself. That might seem strange, so let’s look at a few examples:

Struggling with work and Hesitate:

The first one is. You are struggling with work and hesitate. Hesitation is the mark, but it also explains the way you should use it. So, you are dreading something about the work, you are running away from trouble. You are worried about the work or what will result when you publish the post. So, work with that fear, the trouble, and the doubt. You will be more powerful for having achieved that. So, can you do this without the blessing of friendship?

You are shy and can’t meet people:

This can see as an obstacle to human pleasure, or as a way for something to move with. Many people will bypass this barrier of nervousness. And, instead, remain at home and not socialize. Instead, go towards this shyness, investigate it, find out what you are scared of, operate with that doubt. You will get better at managing the worry, even let yourself operate on it. It will be no large stand in your way.

obstacle is path

You are under stress:

You are under stress and confuse at your job, you can cry on this obstacle ( and it will then remain for the balance of your life ). Or you can absorb yourself in it, let it drive you to individual research. And, deal with the origin of that tension and confusion. You will learn that you have unreliable expectations and models, learn to let leave them, and the stress will go off. You will now have a mechanism for dealing with anxiety for the balance of your life.

People criticize you:

People criticize you for making something oppositely and don’t realize what you are making. You can get angry at them, anger against the unfairness of the world, or leave them. Or, instead, you could include this matter, appreciate them for worrying about you. And, involve them in a discussion about what you are working in, why you selected to do it, and how you could manage their assistance.

You are jealous:

You are jealous, angry, hesitant, anxious, and regretful, you can resolve any of these problems. So, if you are ready to operate into them. And, be OK with feeling these troubles.

The most exciting example to explain this quote:

There was a very rich and unique king. This king had a huge rock fixed in the center of a road. And, he hid nearby to see if anyone would try to eliminate the enormous stone from the road. The first people to cross by were some of the king’s richest businesspeople and servants. Rather than removing it, they only walked nearby it. A few fully criticized the King for not managing the roads. Not one of them attempted to push the rock. Finally, a farmer happened to pass through that way. His arms were assigned with herbs. When he got near the stone, rather than just walking about it as the others had. The farmer put down his bundle of herbs and attempted to remove the rock to the front of the road.

It took a lot of force but he finally displaced the stone. And, the farmer picked up his bundle of herbs. And, was willing to move on his way. Then he saw a wallet resting on the road where the rock had been. The farmer unlocked the wallet. The wallet was fully stuffed with gold coins and a letter from the King. The King’s letter said the wallet’s gold was a reward for removing the stone from the road. The King revealed the farmer what many of us nevermore know. Every obstacle offers a chance to change our situation. So, what’s more, you will no higher be restricted by obstacles in your path.

Final Words or Conclusion

The examples can go on always, but the policy becomes clear. When there is an obstacle, don’t run from that way. Go from that way. Go manage with it. Determine how to be with it and administer with it. And, you will have a skill for life. So, in the end, “The Obstacle is the path“.


Don’t stop when you’re tired Stop when you’re done

Who said: “Marilyn Monroe“. Don’t stop. Tiredness is an ordinary thing. Whenever you will perform tough to complete something, you are bound to get tired. But, that tiredness should not be the cause to stop you. If you are lifeless due to fatigue, you can never reach the preferred destination. So, leaving is never a choice. No matter how fatigued you are, you should take in with your work or destination. Well, what we can do is to relax a period when we are tired. If you rest, you will recover power. And, after that, you can similarly take on your destination.

Don’t stop when you’re tired. Stop when you’re done.

You have to understand that leave is also necessary. But you don’t stop when you are tired. You should stop when you are done. If you are not taking a rest, your energy will vanish out soon. And, as a result of that, you can never achieve your dream. So, take a rest when it is necessary, but don’t stop. And, after that, begin doing your job. You also have to assure that you are delivering the necessary effort to achieve your goal. Therefore, take a leave instead of quitting. And, you will definitely gain your dream.


To understand the quote “Don’t stop when you are tired, stop when you are done.” we see an example here is:

“My body harms. It harms walking. It spoils to breathe. But it is wonderful. I entered a gym. It is also a Boot Camp, a place where females go to move their limitations. There is a quote on the wall of the gym that says, “Don’t stop when you are tired. Stop when you are done.” I have nailed that quotation is my new slogan of life. We are all pushing on, at our own speed. And, sometimes it is exhausting. Parenthood, being a wife, handling a business, growing a profession, keeping maturity. None of it is comfortable and at one moment or another, it makes us all yawn. There has not been a point, as an adult, where I was not fatigued by some factor of commitment. Life is not fair when the blessing of friendship does not exist.

Take Grocery shopping, for example. Until InstaCart hung in, like a knight in glowing armor, I was moved to drive to the mart. Head turned down, then consume a precious hour choosing things that would be eaten by my group of kids almost before I could offload it from the car. Then, I would stand in a queue so tiresome. I would want to explore my brain out of my head with a utensil. Then, because my wallet likes affordable groceries, I would get to carry my carriage full of paid groceries and bag it. Hoping that the number of packs I bought is sufficient to hold it all.

Don’t stop when you’re tired Stop when you’re done

Once it is bagged

And, the boredom of the procedure had nearly sent me over the border, I would get to pack it into my little car. I would force it home, even dreading the poorest part of the procedure. Parked in the driveway, I would just sit for a rare silent moment. As I would unlock the front gate, bags hung up from my dull, unhappy arms like weights suggested to pull me down.

The jewel of my survival fast vanishes into cries of “what did you get me?”. “Food, so you can continue to live.” My sarcasm is only clear to me and their dissatisfaction that I’m not taking frankincense, gold. After that, I would off-load each thing into its assigned area in our kitchen. A bundle of items extends on the island, waiting for the final leg of the trip to its destination, the basement deep freezer. Sometimes my husband unpacks and arranges away these groceries and sometimes when I’m feeling great, I help.

No Paycheck

Unlike any other career, there is no paycheck. No worker of the month. You do the job because the kids will eat you alive if you don’t. The job is unrelenting and grows larger as you complete it. If you are a parent of a kid or children with extraordinary needs. Your list is actually greater, a load even more difficult to maintain. Here is the thing, you can’t stop when you are tired. You can only stop when you are done. Just like when I’m at the 20-minute mark of an hour-long workout, tired and wanting to stop.

I have to focus on the end goal, the finish line. It’s coming quicker than we feel like it is, and when it reaches, we can relax and heal. Until then, we will be tired sore, and dried from the intensity of the work. But just like a workout at a gym, I am surrounded by other brave women, doing hard work. All I have to do is lift my head, and I can see them everywhere.

Pushing their limits

They are pushing their limits, trudging through another group of sprints, growing good humans who will transform the earth. I can do it because I can see them doing it. I know I’m not alone. Some of them make it look effortless, but I know that they have days of plain and exhaustion too. One day, I will be the one who looks effortless. And, when I look up from the weight, I will be sure to give a shout-out to who is slogging. Because we are in this together.

We are a sisterhood related together by the sweat and slashes of this life-long boot center. It is only by motivating one another that we will strike the finish-line jointly. At the end of every training at the gymnasium, our incredible trainer takes a picture of our sweaty, yawning ours. It helps to grab this special moment in our journey. We take a moment to praise the job we just did. We are still battling the war, but this singular battle is defeated, so we celebrate.

Final Words

My final words are here. Parents, take some time, even just a moment, to celebrate the battle won. Take a moment, to gather together with your buddies. Take a picture and honor the work you have completed. In the end, again advise that Don’t stop when you are tired, stop when you are done. Hope you understand easily from the example I mentioned.


Easy & Difficult:

Easy & Difficult:

Easy is to say i love u.Difficult
is to show it everyday.

Easy is to hurt someone who
loves us.
Difficult is to heal the wound.

Easy is to weep for a lost
Difficult is to take care of
it,not to loose it.

Easy is to dream every night.
Difficult is to fight for a

Easy is to keep the friendship
with words.
Difficult is to keep it with

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Love is sometimes strange. It can built someone as well as destroy someone.

Love is sometimes strange. It can built someone as well as destroy someone.

Just like every story it started first time when he saw her ; just like in a fairy tales he was freeze , could not understand what was happening to him , what was happening.

It took him some days to realize actually he was in love with that girl and decided to propose her.

But via one of his friend he got to know that the girl was already with someone.

Broken he was unable to forget that girl…years pass on still that girl was still on his mind…

he already lost his heart with that girl…..but what destiny plans no one yet has been unable to understand….just like every week he was trying to get himself out of his sorrows on facebook when conversation start with a girl…

They exchange few words and in conversation he got to tell her his story how he lost his love before he could get a chance……by surprise he was actually narrating his story to the girl itself……the girl say she never had any boyfriend…..

excited he promised that he will prove his love for her and everyday show her how much he loves her….but like in every story if there is no hardship nothing gained…… that girl had no mobile…

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“Baby, I did not break my promise..”

Girl: hey baby, happy birthday
Boy: hey babe , and thank you (:
Girl: I’ll be at your house at 7:30pm
Boy: okay babe, you promise?
Girl: yeah, I promise. I love you so much.. no matter what happens.
Boy: I love you too. I am going to cook for our dinner (:
Girl: okay baby (:

Exactly 7:30, girl does not arrive… 1 hour goes by.

8:30 and the girl arrives….

Boy: hey babe.. What took you so long?
Girl: *hugs him*, sorry. There was a lot of traffic.
Boy: Its okay as long as you are here (: I bet you’re hungry.

They went went to dinner and ate and talked…

*boy phone rings*

*Its the girls mom*

Boy: hello
Girls mom: ( crying ) son, I have to tell you something I am in the hospital right now my daughter just passed out.
Boy: ha? What are you talking about?
Girls mom: ( crying ) she was in a car crash a “hour ago” she did not make it. Boy: “shocked” looks at his girl.

The girl is in the dark holding a candle saying

“Baby, I did not break my promise..”

‘Like’ if you think this is sad? </3

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How do I know I love you?

How do I know I love you?
Even though we’re far apart
You’ll always be here in my heart.
Through thick and thin we’ve been through
You know I’ll always be with you.
As you hold me in your arms
And also tease me with your charms,
I know you’ll always comfort me,
And that is how I want to be,
In a paradise for two,
That’s how I know I love you!

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You still miss him…

He met you.
He got your number.
He started talking to you.
He got to know you.
He became your friend.
He started to like you.
He loved talking to you.
He started to chase you.
He wanted to spend time with you.
He started missing you.
He made you fall.
He wanted you.
He got it in with you.
He became more than a friend.
He finally got you.
He fell in love with you.
He couldn’t stopped talking to you.
He loved being around you.
He started acting different.
He seemed more distant.
He started to ignore you.
He got bored.
He stopped showing he cared.
He left.
You still miss him…


You are both special in every way,

You are both special in every way,
Encouraging me more & more each passing day.

You both are the reason why I’m so strong,
With you two a the helm not a thing could go wrong.

You’ve both helped me through many trials & tribulations,
You’ve made things better in every situation.

Thank you both for always being there,
And showing me that you truly care.

Words could never explain how I feel about you,
But I hope you know that I truly love you two!


2 Girls Face to Face:

2 Girls Face to Face:
1st GIRL:
Hi, Sweetheart.
2nd Girl:
Hi Love u.
or Peeth PEechay Kehti HAIN.

1St Girl:
SHE Is So Selfish
2nd Girl:
She Is Kameeni…

2 BOys Face 2 Face:
1st BOY:
Kesa Hai Kameeny?
Laal Shirt Me To Poora MARASI Lag Ra Hai..
2nd Boy:
Apny Abbu Se MazaQ?

Ik Dusre K Peeth PEECHAY,
Banda Great Hai Yaar.
2nd Boy:
JIgar Hai Apna..
Feel the Difference……
I Misssss U Dosto
Hamesha Khush Rahu Kamino…;

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