Tell me do you hear it too,
how our hearts beat as if one…

I’ve been trying to write this poem for days,
I pick up the pen and it just feels
so lifeless …
unlike what lives inside my heart.
And so
I sing soft whispers to the wind
hoping it would take me to you..

My head used to spin
trying to figure out my purpose,
why I’m here,
where I belong;

I never believed in soul mates,
but now you have me seeing
things I never knew existed:

in your eyes,
in your arms.
You gave me the inner peace I’ve been struggling to find,
I guess this is what it means
to know life in every breath.

You have this poet stuttering,
almost speechless,
breaking down with joy,
and every single tear
is a word I don’t know how to say… C.P