What Girl Wants Quotes

What girls want from U

 She Dont Want Any Big Text Or Lovable Poems From You..
She Will Happy If She Gets Sweet “Good Morning” Text From You..  

 No Matter How Many Times She Said That She Loves You..
She Just Want To Listen I LOVE YOU From YourSide..  

What Girl Wants Quotes

 May She Texts You Daily And Always Ready To Wait For Your Reply..
But What She Wants Is Just One Random Text From You.. And Then She Smiles Like “Aha Awesome”    

 Guys May Little Fights Doesn’t Matter For You But Your Every Little Thing Upset Her Like Hell.. She Cant Forget Easily.. 

 She Is Just Possessive Because She Dont Want To Loose You..

 She Dont Want Money , Gifts , Chocolates , OrAny Other
What She Want Is Your “TIME”  

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