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What is real love…..

What is real love…..??
Let Me tell U…

1. Real love is whn u lay awake at night and wish dat person was lying next to u….

2. Real love is feeling dat person move u insde ur heart, evn if they are one thousand miles away…

3. Real love is wishing so hard dat u could dream about thm every night whn u go to bed….

4. Real love is whn u look at a picture of thm and say wow!!

5. Real love is whn whatever happens in ur day, whatever music u listen to, whatever u read, whatever u imagine, whatever someone says to u, it reminds u of thm….

6. Real love is whn u have a passion a desire to tell thm how much u love thm….

7. Real love is whn u cry urself to sleep as they will never be urs..
8. Real love is whn there is simply no words to explain how ur feeling….

9. Real love is whn no matter where u go in life, or whatever happens dat one person will always be there, following u like a shadow…..

10. Real love is what lasts forever and ever and ever until forever never ever ends!!!!

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