When the stars come out twinkling, I’ll be thinking of you
When the sun sweeps the sky clean, yes I’ll be thinking of you
When the wind caresses my skin, you will be the one on my mind
When the rain drop touches my face, yes you will be the one on my mind
You came in my life and showed me a new me…
You made me see the things that I could never see
You are constantly present in my every thought
Your eyes were a trap for me, honey I am caught
I wake up lonely each day, unwilling to break my dream
Unwilling to stop myself from thinking about the days that have been
Trying to hold on to the moments I’ve spent in your arms
Trying to relive those moments when I was spellbound by your charms
You are so far away from me that I just can’t reach you
But why is it that still you are present in everything I do…
My each day surrounds you and so does every night
When I think of you everything just seems so right
So tell me baby, just tell me this time
Do you think about me, do i ever cross your mind
Won’t you come and hold me again, won’t you stay….
Cause I don’t wanna lose you now, I always wanna feel this way