The Blessing Of Friendship Quotes (Blessing for my Friends)

The Blessing Of Friendship quotes. Friendship is a gift from God. God blessed us with the gift of friendship. Of all the glories and pleasures that come with life on this earth, friendship is maybe one of the maximum blessings of the Lord.

The Blessing Of Friendship is a gift from God

Friendship comes in numerous different forms and ways; it’s what our hearts crave and shows that we’re made for connection. There are so numerous blessings that friendship offers us.

1. Fellowship

What is Fellowship

Friendship offers a place for fellowship in the Lord, and its commodity is greatly precious to the Kingdom. For it’s in coming together as a community of religionists and as the Church that we can do life together. And, in itself, friendship can enable and plant. Psalm 1331 offers, “ How good and affable it’s when God’s people live together in harmony!” It’s the heart of the Lord that His people come together in harmony, but also to find fellowship in Him.

Consider the Church in Acts and how did they live together. Acts 246 offers, “ Every day they continued to meet together in the church courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts.” They did life together, and they were for each other. They encouraged one another, helped one another, and brought forth the love of the Lord through their conduct and words. Fellowship-filled friendships are bones to supplicate for and invite into our lives.

2. Companionship – The Blessing Of Friendship

companionship - the blessing of friendship

Another blessing of friendship comes fellowship. As beforehand as the morning of Eden, God said, in Genesis 218 it says, “ The LORD God said, “ It isn’t good for the man to be alone. I’ll make an assistant suitable for him.” Although this relationship was romantic between Adam and Eve, God builds fellowship and friendship within romantic connections. This plushly adds to life, for it’s no longer a place of being alone in the ups and campo that come in life, but it’s a connection of having someone different to calculate upon, a trip with, and trust.

A companion can come in colorful forms, but it always offers a place of embedded fellowship. Suppose Samwise Gamgee and Frodo Baggins in The Lord of the Rings. They were companions and musketeers. Frodo would not have been suitable to complete the inviting trip that was before him without his friendship with Sam. When we look at friendship in that way, we realize it isn’t just for times of enjoyment, but it’s for all the adventures life may throw at us, wild as they may come.

the blessing of friendship

3. Warfare Comrades

In any life, necessary hard times come about, but through friendship, we don’t endure those seasons alone. Ecclesiastes 49-10 bravely encourages us, “Two are better than one. Because they are a good return for their labor if either of them falls down, one can help th other up. But pity anyone who drops and has no one to support them up.” In those seasons where difficulties come, where spiritual warfare is present and rampant. And, where personal property is the most delicate, we see what it means to help another. The blessing of friendship is necessary for life.

It may be you rocked in the middle of the storm. Or it may be someone that you’re called to come alongside. But there’s a place of blessing on the other side. It can be said that friendships are strengthened in these times. Because participated experience or indeed participated trauma cultivate commodities different within that only good times do not. Ask God how you can be a friend to those around you in their times of need. And, trust Him to bring those you need when you face your own battles. It is the blessing of friendship.

4. Brotherhood – The Blessing Of Friendship

Brotherhood – The Blessing Of Friendship

Friendship proposes a place of brotherhood in times when we require it most. Some of the most significant friendships in the Bible weren’t ones of blood relation but ones constructed over time through storms, battles, and good times as well. David and Jonathan are one of the topmost exemplifications of this. Johnathan was the son of King Saul, the first King of Israel, but God had chosen David to be the coming King. Rather than fostering covetousness or misprision, Jonathan viewed David as a brother.

The verse in Proverbs 1824, “ One who has unreliable musketeers soon comes to ruin. But there’s a friend who sticks near than a brother,” can truly be said of this friendship. They lifted each other and supported each other in the stylish and worst times. They challenged one another when there was a need for reproach and wisdom, and they had one another’s tails. We can learn so important about friendship from seeing how David and Johnathan were. And, it also places it upon us to ask God to bring about a brotherhood (or sisterhood) kind of friendship. One that isn’t dependent on DNA blood but rather is on the blood of Muslims in relating and calling. Also, see our article on life is not fair quotes.

5. Memories

Memories-Blessing Of Friendship Quotes

All friendships are erected with memories. Numerous of these memories can grace and lace with some of the most golden days of life. Maybe it’s a holiday or trip, or perhaps a festivity or corner together. But recollections can come about that come locked in our minds of a blessed time. I like to call similar times “ snow globe moments” because they’re the kind of moments or passions you wish you could capture in a snow globe.

You wish they could stay in the closets of your mind when you need to recall commodity noble. And, take that captured memory and shake it to remember all the bits and bitsy details. To watch in amazement your mind’s eye like surprising a snow planet. Incontinently back to a time in which you were girdled by loved bones, awful buddies. And, a time where effects were just as they ought to be. Maybe one of the topmost gifts friendships give us is the gift of recollections.

Final Words

Friendship is unfeignedly a gift of the Lord. They serve as commodities our hearts not only crave. But are made to need. God can bring about friendship in inconceivable connections and ways, and those connector moments can, in turn, produce a fellowship that can last a continuance. Ask the Lord to bring about for you the people He has for you. The people who’ll seek to support you, root you on, challenge you in the correct ways, and be those that produce good fruit in the theater of your life.

Above all differently, the most remarkable friendship of all is the relationship you have with Jesus. He’s the ultimate, best, and topmost Friend, and He laid down His life for you. Recall John 1512-15, “ My command is this Love each other as I’ve loved you. 13 Greater love has no bone than this to lay down one’s life for one’s musketeers. 14 You’re my buddies if you do what I command. 15 I no longer call you retainers, because a menial doesn’t know his master’s business. Rather, I’ve called you comrades, for everything that I learn from my Father. I’ve made given to you.” You’re loved, chosen. And wanted by the Lord. Adopt all the blessings He has for you through friendships of every kind.

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