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Boys Must Read… .!

Boys Must Read…
Why Do Boys Need A Friend
A Girlfriend or Friend (Girl)?
She Will Never Leave U Alone
When U are Sad.
She Will See To It That U Do
Ur Works On Time.
She Will Make Sure U Don’t
Skip Meals To Play
Matches & Do Work.
She Will Ask U To Leave Ur
Bad Habits Everyday, Every
She Will Fight With U On
Small Matters, Bt Won’t Keep
D Anger For Long.
She Will Make You Money-
She Will Make You Punctual.
She Will Help You Restrain Ur
She Will Talk To U 15 Times A
Day To Know What U’re
U Might Feel Bugged At
Times, Bt Truth Is That You
Can’t Do Anything Without
As Girls Are Special Gift
Of GOD For Boys.
So Realize Their Worth And
Take Care 0f Them.
Dedicated To All Girls and
Boys Who Share The Love And
Friendship…!! ….. ♥ ♥ 🙂

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