The Obstacle is the path : Zen Proverb

The Obstacle is the path

“The Obstacle is the path”. Often we scare because of some unfavorable hurdle or obstacle in our way. But a change in mindset from a Zen Proverb can improve everything you want to improve. Who said: “Marcus Aurelius“. Explanation The obstacle is not something being in our way. It is the way itself. That might … Read more

Don’t stop when you’re tired Stop when you’re done

Don’t stop, stop when you are done.

Who said: “Marilyn Monroe“. Don’t stop. Tiredness is an ordinary thing. Whenever you will perform tough to complete something, you are bound to get tired. But, that tiredness should not be the cause to stop you. If you are lifeless due to fatigue, you can never reach the preferred destination. So, leaving is never a … Read more