TRUST:-)- 1 day u n ur beloved r walking n suddnly her ex cums in bitween.
U hold her hand nd say- Cum let’s finish our walk.
Datz trust.

COMMETMENT- & c hold your hand more tightly & take ur hand put it on her back n cum more close to
u. N smile u..
UNDERSTANDIN:-) – After a huge fyt,
u go 2 her, hug her n say- Ladne se toh pyar badhta hai baby…
Datz understanding.

FAITH:-) – U’r going out of town 4 years, n tell her- Baraat lekar
aaunga direct. Datz faith.

LOVE:-) – Aftr u go abroad, ur belovd opens ol d gifts n memories related 2 u n cries.
Datz love.

COURAGE:-) – To show all above 2 ur B E L O V E D. . . . ♥